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  Klein's,English nameCLEXC. 2000In entering the Chinese market。Clay's brand concept“Regulate、Purification、Repair、Regeneration”,Is one of the few in the cosmetics industry to provide professional solution for Oriental female brand。2008In clay's joining the beauty salon to throughout the country5000Several。2010In clay's miss phoenix satellite television anchorwoman cleland famous on hand in handCCTV、Hunan satellite TV,Into the cosmetic field,Clapping in high-quality goods channel and terminal。Klein's use of their own advantages,At the core of technical seminars will industry problem,Finally agreed“Full white”、“Integration of acne ”、“Science and technology against failure”、“Professional repair”Four big advantage,To establish the beauty and..To check the details
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Klein's haun regulate fluid(Regulate2 )45ml

Clay's water ripples the silky repair cream35g

He's become white essence20ml


Clay's ShuRou regulate fluid(Regulate5)45ml

Have been sold27AExisting17One comment

Clay moisture repair facial mask250g

Have been sold26AExisting13One comment

Clay's daily care concentrate bright30ml

Have been sold0AExisting0One comment

Klein's net muscle without adding cream2g*15Branch

Have been sold4AExisting0One comment

Klein's activating cream pouch20g

Have been sold21AExisting14One comment

Klein's snow muscle tone(Regulate7)45ml

Have been sold19AExisting15One comment

Klein's ice snow dove condensation150g

Have been sold17AExisting14One comment

Clay moisture nourish membrane powder500g

Have been sold18AExisting16One comment
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Klein's time magic star cream50g

Have been sold3AExisting0One comment

Clay's amino acid pickling yan milk100g

Have been sold81AExisting16One comment

Klein's live regulate liquid water(Regulate1)45ml

Have been sold22AExisting15One comment

Clay's snow muscle tender yan boxes5Woolly

Have been sold0AExisting0One comment

Clay's rose pure water150ml

Have been sold35AExisting16One comment

Clay's protective cream35g

Have been sold43AExisting16One comment

Clay's water ripples the silky repair cream35g

Have been sold36AExisting17One comment

Klein's embellish hydrating lotion40ml

Have been sold34AExisting16One comment