Huainan has a farm Heart is yearning

Was born in20Century90S,Usually there is a complex,Always attached to rural land natural breath,Always miss the carefree childhood life:When friends in forest play combat of the field,Enjoy in the clear river“Take a shower”;When friends to catch fish to catch shrimp is studied in the wild,The home side won cucumber tomatoes in the field、A melon green pear rub can eat;At that time the sky is blue,The mountain is green,Water is sweet,The air is fresh…… Come on!Huainan farm!We use“Technology first、stay true to the missio”Is the management idea,While committed to the introduction of modern agricultural facilities and technology,We also make the nature、Environmental protection、Rural ecological environment。We have wide green pollution-free ecological orchard、The pond lotus fragrance and drainage weir、The characteristics of the forests grazing livestock poultry;We also have advanced intelligent greenhouses、Park integrated water irrigation system;We have more perfect children development and quality education facilities、All kinds of rural leisure project experience。Let's take a family,Called on a friend,Come with me!Let everybody understand our childhood between rural recreation of that kind of fresh、Free mood!Let you taste the taste of nature itself should be together!MORE+

Characteristics of fruit


Through and provincial academy of agricultural sciences' cooperation,Introducing suitable for regional and facility grape cultivation of high quality water、Pears、Mulberries、Strawberries,At the same time improved protective development of local specialties“Yinghe citrus”,The standardization of comprehensive application of advanced planting technology and facilities,Finally the optimal products and provide consumers with park picking on site,Let consumers enjoy fresh fruit,Tasting green flavor。

The high-quality goods of vegetables


By working with jiangsu green port group,Application of intelligent greenhouse and coconut chaff soilless cultivation technology、The Internet of things technology、Cucumber in technology, etc,In view of the anti-season cucumbers、Tomatoes、Chili peppers and other vegetables in accordance with the standards of green pollution-free planting,Finally can guarantee our product from pesticides、Violation of the fertilizer,Let us slowly become natural to eat vegetables,Let us live in a clean environment。



Through the garden water area of comprehensive reform governance,The introduction of characteristics“Hubei lotus5、6Number”Lotus root,At the same time, who owns fish aquatic ecology;At the same time of creating comprehensive park leisure landscape,Provide high quality aquatic products for members to consume。

Animal husbandry and poultry


The characteristics of variety in huainan area,Combined with the ecological environment,Gushi chicken、The natural grazing huai goats and west anhui white geese,Purpose is to provide the park travel and leisure activities,Park characteristics, and can guarantee food supply of high quality raw materials,Let you taste the taste of nature itself should be together!

Leisure experience


The park from the perspective of urban and rural leisure family,Combining with the study activities of curriculum design,Building construction three categories12Events to leisure activities,Meet the daily holiday we walked out of the city,Return to the rural,Relax the requirements。Let everybody understand our childhood between rural recreation of that kind of fresh、Free mood!

Travel activities


Study tour program based on county history、Geography、Culture、Specialties such as knowledge characteristics of the county,For home humanities knowledge education;Focus on how to cultivate teenagers,For confidence、Be brave、Collaboration, etc, to carry out activities and training content;Combining the reality of the park,From“Four sedentary、Knows nothing”The story of extends to the traditional agriculture and modern agriculture knowledge education,Targeted to carry out a number of practical activities。

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